NAHBS 14 – Show Review

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Last week the North American Handmade Bicycle Show was on in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Team 50 BUILT took a roadtrip and met some super amazing people equally as passionate about all things made in the USA as we are. The theme of the trip was beautiful bicycles & awesome people.

Today we have the privilege of talking with Don Walker, founder of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, and Don Walker Cycles.
NAHBS 2014 is opening today in Charlotte, NC and 50 BUILT is here to cover the show. Stay tuned for a full coverage feature of the show and the frame-builders in attendance.

This is a sweater for your mason jar, beer bottle, 2-litre Squirt bottle, baby bottle, stainless steel water bottle, wine bottle, or coke can!  Its stretchy cloth that literally fits on pretty much every bottle or container I put it on!  It’s the PERFECT solution to my mason jar sweating conundrum.  It sops up the mason jar sweat and it also makes it easy to hold hot tea!  It is a super fun way to present a wine bottle as a hostess gift.

Cuppow SL

If you’re like me, you have mason jars coming out the wazoo.  My poor husband.  They’re everywhere.  I have wide-mouthed ones, regular mouthed jars, teeny tiny jars, and how!  Cuppow has a roadie lid for both regular and wide-mouthed jars, so no matter what size the jar, a Cuppow lid will fit.


Today we’re talking with Dan Soha, the owner and founder of Argoz Socks.


Today we’re talking with George Chevalier, the man in charge of Marketing and Communications at Princeton Tec out of Trenton, NJ. Princeton Tec is a manufacturer of flashlights, head lamps, and other technical lighting sources for outdoor and scuba use.


When my friends and family travel, they bring me back socks. Not really sure how this got started, but I love it.  I’ve sort of developed a collection of funky and fun socks from all over the place- the funkier the better! Argoz is a company out of San Francisco, California who has perfected the art of argyle! This forward-thinking company has a plethora of wonderful colors that can be dressed up or down.


Buck Products have added just the right creation for their 2014 collection called the FlapSack.  It’s a simple ‘daily hauler’ that is easy to get in and out of, has a handy flap-pocket that is the perfect spot to carry one’s boarding pass or any other must-get-to-easily items (for me – chapstick, pens, and itinerary), and is otherwise utilitarian and functional. Especially for travel, simple is good. I can see this bag being perfect for the bicycle commuter, as it’s remarkably comfortable and lightweight.

Today we are talking with Jon Contino, entrepreneur, designer, and founder of CXXVI and soon to be, Contino Brand.
Today, we’re talking with Ben Nobel, the man with the plan (AKA Brand Manager), from Kletterwerks.

The Topo Designs Daypack is my new go-to daypack. It’s not easy to take the crown in my collection and boot my other packs aside, but the Daypack is king. It has a perfect mix of purpose, quality and aesthetics that make this otherwise simple pack a personal favorite. The kind of pack you see with you on adventures that you will one day tell your children about.


Tradlands, an amazing company out of San Francisco, have put together some really great pieces. As they themselves claim, they, “have designed pieces for the woman who drifts toward menswear and thinks, ‘if only this were made for me.’” And they have!  I am certainly that woman. Though it’s a mite on the spendy side, weighing in at $187, I really think it’s worth every penny. It’s a piece you’ll have forever and it’ll never go out of style. I was taught young to buy fewer things, but nice things. This is a nice thing.

Today we’re talking with the one and only, Eli Cox, founder of Berkeley Supply in Denver, Colorado USA.



Brought to you by Cool Material, Word. notebooks are 3.5”x5” notebooks with 48 lined pages. There is a space at the top of each page that can be titled and down the left side of each line is what looks like a little bulls-eye. On the inside of the front cover is a key of how they suggest you use the little bulls-eye for organizing tasks, ideas and thoughts.

Today we are talking with Jen Guarino, CEO of J.W. Hulme. J.W. Hulme has been making quality goods in Minnesota since 1905.

Today we are talking with Tony Patella of Tellason. Tellason is a premium denim company founded by Tony Patella & Pete Searson in San Francisco, CA.

Today’s interview is with Dave Schiff, partner & chief creative officer of Made Movement, a two part initiative for promoting American-made.