These are individuals and companies that have helped make 50BUILT.com, the products in the shop and content all possible.


NEWBARIC DESIGN Co. - All design including logos, branding, website & products

ERNIE CERVANTEZ - Website muscle & coding

DAN CASSARO - Tee shirt graphic: ’50 Non-Interchangeable Parts’

RYAN KATRINA (NEUARMY) - Tee shirt graphic & hat: ‘USA Monogram’

EVAN STREMKE - Tee shirt graphic: ‘America Made’

SoCal PRINTING - 50 BUILT Handbook Printing

POLISHED IMAGE - 50 BUILT Hat Embroidery

MARK LINDSTROM - Business coaching & consulting

STACY LINDSTROM – Written Product Reviews

JAN LINDSTROM – Written Product Reviews

KATIE LINDSTROM – Transcription of video interviews


Of course a big thank you to all the contributors to the site who have taken the time to participate in interviews and give their time and insight. Without it 50 BUILT wouldn’t be possible.

Please contact 50 BUILT if you would like to donate your time or services to help in the ‘Made in America’ mission. Also see our media kit for advertising opportunities for your American-made company & products.