50 Built is a journal for all things American Made.
It’s the celebration of quality over quantity, and a dedication to the Americans who manufacture our goods. We strive to provide an honest & passionate resource that unites the citizens of the USA with different perspectives & information regarding the state of manufacturing in the USA.
About the Founder

My name is Brian Lindstrom and I’m the founder & designer at Lindstrom Works. I am a proud American that believes this country’s history and accomplishments go unrivaled.

Being able to grow up with toys and iconic brands like Radio Flyer, Converse, Etch-a-Sketch and Levis still being made in the USA is something I don’t take for granted; but I also want future generations to be able to experience the quality and pride of owning American made goods that last entire childhood, not just a week. I’ve been lucky enough to work for American Made companies like Oakley Sunglasses and Trek Bicycles, and I have seen the struggle they face everyday to maintain a presence in domestic manufacturing. It is the dedicated American workforce behind those products that has made our country great and will continue to be the foundation of our greatness moving forward.

I love hearing the stories of real people and their companies’ experiences. I truly believe the more we connect with these fellow Americans and realize the struggles they face everyday to make their products in the USA, the more we will be willing to make an effort to buy American made goods. I hope you enjoy the content we provide, and as always, feel free to reach out and say hello and provide your input and feedback.