Joe Dahan started Joe’s Jeans (Nasdaq: JOEZ) in Los Angeles, California in 2001. I’m not certain to what extant Joe’s entire line is made in the USA, but the pair of jeans I have, the Straight + Narrow Brixton men’s black denim jean is Made in the USA (using foreign and domestic materials).


I wore denim, almost exclusively, until about 3 years ago when we did a review on Alex Maine. The gist of their mantra was that there are more options in the wardrobe than denim, and they proved to be correct. I haven’t had a new pair of denim in the last 3 years, until this pair of Joe’s I was given to me, as a gift. I do love denim. It would be un-American to not like denim. There is so much history between the expansion of our great nation and the rise of denim. We are lucky that there are so many great new American made denim companies to choose from these days (TellasonImogene+WillieBlack & denim3Sixteen the list can go on and on) and I’d love to try them all. Many of those companies, unlike Joe’s, are able to source their parts and materials from the USA as well, from historic mills like Cone Denim, and from leather aficionados, Tanner Goods, and so on. Even so, it is still nice to see a large company, one that’s publicly traded with stockholders to answer to, make the effort to make their goods in the USA. There is a priceless value to keeping manufacturing here, at home, in the United States, that doesn’t show up on a spreadsheet.


This new pair of Joe’s jeans is equal in comfort to my Alex Maine pants, they have the durability of denim, and they have a slight stretch to them making them a great everyday pant. I have lived in them the last 4 out of 7 days. I’m not jumping ship on my other pants, but these do add a much needed mix into my daily wardrobe. I don’t buy, or have, many clothing items, but what I do have I wear until they wave the white flag. This pair of Joe’s is being thrown into that heavy rotation.


As for fit. These are a size 33, so they run true to size for me in the waist. I’m 6’4″, and these are long. Awesome for me, if you’re shorter you might need to get creative with rolling the cuff, or getting them hemmed. They are fitted through the leg, then go straight after the knee, as their name would suggest. I love to break in a nice pair of raw selvage denim, make them mine. Create my own wear marks, my own wear creases. But there’s something to be said about a pair of denim that is ready to be worn, with comfort, off the rack. That’s where these fit in. It feels like I’ve had them for 10 years. Soft and fitted with a nice subtle faded wash to them.


Finishing on the jeans is great. No loose threads, labels sewn straight and the soft leather tags on the inside waist and rear pocket are a nice touch, without being a billboard for a brand. Subtle and understated.


Overall, these are a great buy for around $170-$200. As with all apparel, fit is king. Try them on, and if the jeans fits, you know what to do.

Just PLEASE, if you are looking to buy a new pair of pants, DO NOT BUY FOREIGN. It is the one market where there is no excuse to own a pair of pants, not made in the USA. Hell, you can’t even use price as an excuse! Texas Jeans makes their jeans “100% Made in the USA,” for prices starting at $19, WHAT?!