Established in 1833 and located in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, the Martin & Company guitar factory makes some of the most sought-after guitars in the world. Their guitars are both a work of art and an instrument for musicians. Their guitar ‘wood shop’ employs over 600 employees and has never had to lay-off an employee. They have found a business model of success, by producing only acoustic guitars, mostly by hand, and not trying to outgrow their niche. From a humble 182 guitars made in 1900 to over 24,000 made in 2000, the Martin Guitar shop has made over 1,000,000 guitars to date.

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Cost: FREE
Reservations: Only for large groups – 800.345.3103
Tour Duration: 1.5 hours (plus museum)
Factory hours: M-F 9AM-2PM
Martin Guitar Factory
510 Sycamore Street
Nazareth, PA 18064