So you need a water bottle, everyone does. It can be for everyday, athletic or environmental needs. Almost everyone owns one in some shape or size. The kicker is that 99.9% of the ones available to buy are not made in the USA, BUT they still cost the same, or more. Polar Bottle, founded by Robert Heiberger and Judy Amabile in 1994, is your Made in the USA alternative.


When you buy a Polar Bottle, you are assured it is BPA free, safe for drinking, and made to their high quality standards. Each Polar Bottle is insulated, making it more than just another bottle. When I fill the bottle up, and add a little ice, it stays cold well into the day. The top nozzle stays closed, and is even removable to make washing the bottle easier. Sold in a variety of sizes and materials, this one is their 12oz size and fits perfectly in my bike’s bottle cage. The 12 oz retails for $9.99 and their largest Sports bottle option, a 24 oz, retails for $11.99. You will hard pressed to find a competitive bottle, even a cheap knock-off, for a better price.


People are always attached to their bottles. We (almost) all have one with us at some point during the day. Why not make it an American made, high quality bottle?