The undergarment industry, like most textile related industries, has been a huge victim of outsourcing. Hanky Panky has not only survived, they have thrived. Since 1977, when Hanky Panky founder and designer¬†Gale Epstein started the company, they have been committed to made in the USA. Today their lingerie is a driving force in trends and quality and they maintain a large, loyal, following. From Hanky Panky’s website on being Made in the USA:¬†Hanky Panky has been manufacturing in the Northeast area of the USA since 1977. Manufacturing locally saves time, fuel, and shipping costs, thus drastically reducing the generation of CO2. It also keeps our factories where we can see them, allowing us to monitor both the quality of our products and the working conditions. The US has many laws in place protecting the health and safety of its workers. Sadly, many other countries where apparel is produced have not…Continue Reading