The Pearce Sectional from Pottery Barn is a versatile piece of furniture that can be worked into most rooms, regardless of style. It represents what has historically been a dominant American furniture industry that has as of the last twenty years been severely threatened by cheap foreign imports. Upholstered in the Everyday Suede, along with large rolled arms, this sofa is comfortable, durable and great for conversation. Pottery Barn decided to take their furniture manufacturing to the skilled craftsmen and women of Sutter Street in Highpoint, North Carolina. Highpoint is rich with tradition, including many third and fourth generation furniture makers. Pottery Barn produces a quality, handmade product that undergoes six quality control tests before being released to retail. Their factory, corporate and retail stores provide well-paying jobs to many Americans. To see more images and configurations for the Pearce sectional, check out: The video above is an overview of…Continue Reading
Tell us a little bit about your background as a designer and your experiences in the textile industry that brought you up to the point of starting Harmony Art. Thank you for having me on. It’s nice to be here. I went back to school to be a textile designer in 1998.  I graduated in 1999 and immediately started working for Karen Newberger designing prints for pajamas. So I worked in house for her for a year and then I got a job offer to work freelance for a design firm doing a lot of home and bedding products. Bedding, bath, kitchen, that kind of thing. I worked for them for 4 years. We did a lot of designing for mass markets like Wal-Mart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Linens & Things, Nordstrom, Mervyn’s. You name it, I’ve probably designed for it at some point in my life. Even when…Continue Reading