Today’s interview is with Dave Schiff,┬ápartner & chief creative officer of Made Movement, a two part initiative for promoting American-made.   Can you give 50 built readers some background on yourselves and the events that lead up to starting made? Scott, john and i were all running large departments at crispin porter and bogusky. Scott was director of digital, john was director of design, and i was executive creative director. Scott was one of the guys who invented nike plus. John helped turn around dominos. I launched coke zero. We loved our jobs and we were generously compensated, but something was missing. We needed a mission.   What was the catalyst for starting made? The catalyst was actually a single statistic: if americans buy just 1 percent more stuff made in america, it will create 200,000 jobs. For three guys who’ve spent their entire careers convincing people to buy things,…Continue Reading