Today we are talking with Dani Turkovich from AT-95. AT-95 is making quality furniture and fixtures in Middle America from American resources.   Can you give 50 BUILT readers some background on yourselves and how AT-95 came to be? While working 10 years in various large architectural firms, Dennis Blankemeyer expected to become the next Frank Lloyd Wright. Unfortunately, his design skills were set to work mainly drafting toilet partitions, shuffling mass quantities of paperwork and creating drawing after drawing for $150 million dollar projects in a large architectural firm. After long days hammering out drawing after drawing in an impersonal cubicle farm, Dennis would spend the majority of his free time designing and concepting items for a store that he dreamed of opening with his wife, Denise. Dennis and Denise opened American Furnishings in 1995 in a very small, 1,200 square foot space in Grandview, Ohio. Because Dennis and Denise were green in the ‘retail’ industry, business…Continue Reading