Today we are talking with Jen Guarino, CEO of J.W. Hulme. J.W. Hulme has been making quality goods in Minnesota since 1905.   Can you give 50 BUILT readers some background on how J.W. HULME Co. came to be, what has changed over the lastcentury, and your product offerings? John William Hulme founded  J.W. Hulme Co.  in 1905 as a tent and awning maker. By 1917 Hulme was making tents for American soldiers fighting the Great War. After World War I, our company began to apply its fastidious approach of purposeful design and construction towardsproducing awnings for the homes of St. Paul’s elite. Such was the demand for Hulme’s hand craftsmanship that the company’s product offering grew over time to include leather and canvas sporting bags and accessories. Distinctive Hulme bags became a must-have for the serious outdoor sportsman. As J.W. Hulme flourished it concentrated solely on making bags, including private label…Continue Reading
The Pearce Sectional from Pottery Barn is a versatile piece of furniture that can be worked into most rooms, regardless of style. It represents what has historically been a dominant American furniture industry that has as of the last twenty years been severely threatened by cheap foreign imports. Upholstered in the Everyday Suede, along with large rolled arms, this sofa is comfortable, durable and great for conversation. Pottery Barn decided to take their furniture manufacturing to the skilled craftsmen and women of Sutter Street in Highpoint, North Carolina. Highpoint is rich with tradition, including many third and fourth generation furniture makers. Pottery Barn produces a quality, handmade product that undergoes six quality control tests before being released to retail. Their factory, corporate and retail stores provide well-paying jobs to many Americans. To see more images and configurations for the Pearce sectional, check out: The video above is an overview of…Continue Reading
Founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean, LL Bean continues to this day to make their legendary ‘Bean Boot’ and ‘Maine Hunting Shoes’ in Brunswick, Maine. Like many of the factories across the country, you get decades of experience from each worker. The factory is a centerpiece of the community, not just in Brunswick, but all of Maine. It’s the loyalty, years of service and experience that gives these legendary boots their unmatched craftsmanship. Today we are reviewing the Bean Boot. Living in Wisconsin it’s crucial to have some serious winter gear, and I don’t mean the scarves, loose knit beanies and Uggs that are worn out in California. The most critical article of winter gear for enduring any length of cold weather outdoors is footwear. If your feet are cold and wet, you are miserable. It doesn’t take much to find a great warm jacket or beanie, but warm footwear is…Continue Reading
This month’s wallpaper celebrates Wilson Football’s factory in Ada, Ohio. Available in 4 different sizes for your computer or iphone. Free to download. Also available as a poster for purchase in the shop. STANDARD SCREEN | WIDESCREEN SCREEN | HD SCREEN | iPHONE  
Quoddy builds handmade quality moccasins that are made to last. They hale from Maine, home to several legendary shoe & boot makers. The people making the shoes are true craftsmen that have been a part of a tradition that spans generations. The Quoddy product line includes traditional moccasins, shoes and boots for men and women. The above video is from Quoddy’s website and was made my Oliver Wilkins.
Since 1941 every NFL game ball has been made by Wilson, and since 1955 all of those balls have been made in their Ada, Ohio factory. It is the only football specific factory in the world. The NFL is the only major sports league to make their ball in the USA. With a production capacity of 4,000 balls a day and over 700,000 footballs a year, it keeps all 120 factory employees busy around the clock. Most of their employees have several generations of factory employees in the family, with decades of experience. The above video is episode 1 of 3 for the Wilson Football Factory series. View Episode 2 and Episode 3.   FACTORY TOUR DETAILS: Call 419.634.9901 for all info regarding the Wilson Football factory tour, as details change regularly. Cost: Reservations: Yes, call ahead: 419.634.9901 Tour Duration: Factory hours: Wilson Football Factory 217 Liberty St. Ada, OH 45810 Also, head on…Continue Reading
Red Wing Shoe Company of Red Wing, Minnesota has a long and proud history dating back to 1905. Providing footwear for American soldiers in WWI and WWII, Red Wing quickly became a household name in the USA. Today they provide top quality work boots that are worn with pride around the world. Majority of Red Wing’s boots are hand-made in the USA. They have four factories across the country in Potosi, Missouri and Danville, Kentucky and two plants in Red Wing, Minnesota. FACTORY TOUR DETAILS: Cost: FREE Reservations: Call Red Wing Chamber of Commerce – 651.388.4719 Tour Duration: 1 hour Factory hours: M & F 10AM RED WING SHOE COMPANY 314 MAIN ST. RED WING, MN 55066 800.RED.WING
The fashion world offers consumers many options when it comes to materials, styles and colors of carriers and bags.  Unfortunately, we are often disappointed by the bags functionality and longevity.  The solution to this problem; the 18” Canvas Leather Mason Bag by Museum of Useful Things.  It is one of many “Made in the USA” products offered on their site.  It is constructed for heavy duty use, with such features as double stitched handles, a Masonite base, water weight canvas and heavy duty metal clasps.  Of course, this bag was originally designed for plumbers and masons, which means it can and will withstand any wear and tear a non-trade consumer brings its’ way. Images from:
I was raised on the idea that you don’t have to have a lot of things and junk, but when you do decide to purchase goods, look for quality that’s going to last. Sometimes sticker shock keeps us from buying American Made goods without giving thought to the durability, the warranty or the longevity of the USA product vs a foreign import. Oak Street Bookmakers holds the value of quality as the most important ingredient when making their shoes in Maine, USA. They believe we have turned the corner on the mass-consumption of frivolous cheap products. From Oak Stree Bootmaker’s website: “The son of a cobbler, Oak Street Bootmakers founder and designer George Vlagos apprenticed at his father’s shop where he learned the craft of shoemaking from an early age. Today, George seeks to preserve the heritage of fine shoemaking through thoughtfully designed and attentively crafted shoes. All Oak Street…Continue Reading