The Adjustable Clamp Company has been around since 1905 and hold many of the original patents on their various clamps. They are the makers of the Jorgensen and Pony clamp lines and tools. Today we are reviewing the 3724 24″ steel heavy duty and the 3712 steel light duty Jorgensen Bar clamps. When I was faced with the decision of a cheap (but MORE expensive) plastic imported clamp or the steel heavy duty Jorgensen clamp made in Chicago, the choice was obvious. I had used both in the past, and always preferred the steel option when available. They come with rubber edges, so if you’re clamping down a piece of delicate wood, it will not damage the grain. Both sizes I purchased have easy access to the adjustment and release lever and, when not covered in wood glue, the bars slide easily. Nice rounded wooden handles make the tightening and…Continue Reading
Today’s interview is with Tim Andis, founder and CEO of Liberty Bottleworks based in Yakima, Washington. Liberty Bottles are the only metal bottles made in the USA.   Can you give 50 BUILT readers some background on yourself and the events that lead up to starting Liberty Bottleworks? The catalyst for starting Liberty Bottleworks was REI. I had been selling another brand of water bottles to REI and they asked me to find a domestic supplier. They were tired of foreign suppliers who couldn’t fulfill reorders based on trends in the current season and the excessive freight costs and delays from overseas shipments. I thought, okay, I’ll go find one, but to my surprise nothing existed. Long story short and a lot of hard work later, I decided to build a factory in the US to help customers like REI have a domestic supplier who was flexible and cared about their business…Continue Reading
The Dustbin trashcan comes from Brandon Ravenhill and is made in Los Angeles, CA. The video from Brandon Ravenhill shows the manufacturing process and the ingenious details of their Dustbin Trashcan. The video covers the production of the metal trashcan at Angell & Giroux factory and their brush at Gordon Brush factory.
Brief History: The American Whistle Corporation is located in Columbus, Ohio and is the only metal whistle company made in the USA. Founded in 1956 as Colsoff Manufacturing, American Whistle has been operated by the current owner since 1987. The Tour: I had set up a tour appointment with American Whistle employee, Amber Roberston, and she was nice enough to take the time to show me the facilities and explain the process they use to manufacture their over 1 million whistles every year. Amber talked me through the company’s history, how the whistles are made, what they offer and their niche in the overall whistle market. Amber is the newest member of the 9 person workforce at American Whistle, and she has been there for over 5 years! The rest of the crew measure their tenure in decades, not years, a true testament to a great company. Perhaps the most…Continue Reading
The fashion world offers consumers many options when it comes to materials, styles and colors of carriers and bags.  Unfortunately, we are often disappointed by the bags functionality and longevity.  The solution to this problem; the 18” Canvas Leather Mason Bag by Museum of Useful Things.  It is one of many “Made in the USA” products offered on their site.  It is constructed for heavy duty use, with such features as double stitched handles, a Masonite base, water weight canvas and heavy duty metal clasps.  Of course, this bag was originally designed for plumbers and masons, which means it can and will withstand any wear and tear a non-trade consumer brings its’ way. Images from:
I wonder how many gallons of toothpaste is thrown away prematurely after frustrated attempts of draining the tube?  Thankfully the smart tube wringer can help solve the waste by extracting the last remaining bits of toothpaste, glue, paint or anything coming from a tube.  Made in the USA and constructed of heavy duty aluminum rollers and steel handles, this little device will last for quite a long time.