Reason one why this product is awesome: It was invented way back in 1905 and has been made by the same US based company, Bulman Products, since its’ inception. Reason two why this product is awesome: it performs the basic, often overlooked task of unraveling twine impeccably. Constructed of steel with the ability to be either table or ceiling/shelf mounted, this little invention will save your wasted minutes re-raveling a dropped roll of twine. From Bulman’s website: Elvah Bulman created his first product in 1905, a twine holder and dispenser. Over the proceeding decades, Elvah’s brainchild product evolved into a wide assortment of dispensers and cutters for virtually all types of rolled material. It wasn’t long before Elvah, later joined by his son Orville, found themselves with a small but thriving company focused on quality workmanship, creativity and service. Images above are from Bulman Products & The Museum of Useful Things websites.