Today’s interview is with The Speed Merchant crew: Brandon Holstein, Dan Begakis, and Mark Kawakami. Speed Merchant is based on Southern California, and manufacturers custom motorcycle aftermarket parts & accessories.   Can you give 50 BUILT readers some background on yourselves and how Speed Merchant came to be? The Speed Merchant is a team of like minded guys, Brandon Holstein, Dan Begakis, and Mark Kawakami, who each bring something different to the table.¬† The goal is to bring our sense of style and function to the motorcycle industry, while keeping our manufacturing here in California. Brandon Holstein: I have had a love of motorcycles ever since I was a kid. I started working in the motorcycle industry over 10 years ago. Building and designing has been something I’ve been doing steadily now for the last 7 years as, “Brawny Built”; my own company, that focuses on custom fabrication and custom…Continue Reading
There are few industries that are as quintessentially¬†American as the Motorcycle industry. Iconic skateboard apparel company, Matix, teamed up Lossa Engineering of California to build an all-American motorcycle from fabrication to upholstery. The motorcycle build was based on the Harley 1200 a company dedicated to American manufacturing for over a century. The attention to detail, paint scheme and the end product is a great example of what can happen when you have the power of manufacturing at your finger tips. Cruise on over to Matix’s website for more on the project. The above video is from Matix’s Vimeo Stream.