There are a few products that you encounter that truly feel unique and innovative. Bound custom journals fall into that category. These are truly custom journals, built to your specifications, crafted one at a time by hand in North Carolina. Expensive, you might think, but they are not. For $35 you get a 140 page hard-bound journal made up entirely of pages that YOU need. For $10 you have the same custom options in a smaller 48 page memo book. The ordering process is a great and enjoyable process. The hardest part is deciding what you want your one-of-a-kind journal to be. You can add blank pages, grid pages, a calendar with any duration of your choosing, game pages, address book, to-do lists, maps of major world cities and more! Just add what you need up to 140 pages, in any order, and it will be made. Not only will…Continue Reading