The above video documents American Apparel’s three Los Angeles factories. With complete control from cotton sourcing, dying and manufacturing of their garment they can assure an end product that can be proudly Made in America. They pride themselves on vertical integration from manufacturing, wholesale to retail. Promising “Sweatshop-free” garments, American Apparel pays its employees over $12/hr compared to workers in China making 40 cents/hr. As the largest garment factory in the USA it has the capability of producing 275,000 pieces a day and up to a million shirts a week. It’s a business platform that appears to be working as American Apparel is the go-to t-shirt blank for companies across the world. Made in the USA is possible, even in an industry that has virtually disappeared from our country.
Matix Design Director Mike Gomez says the Capital Collection is designed to build awareness around the quickly vanishing art of American clothing manufacturing and to shine a light upon the quality produced by those that still take pride in the craft. “It’s surprisingly difficult at this point in time to make stuff in the US,” says Gomez. “There’s just not a lot of factories in existence that can do this work.” Matix VP Brian Dunlap says in addition to using the superior quality of American made textiles, Capital Collection designers went the distance and challenged themselves to source everything, down to the trimming, domestically. “There’s a lot of stuff you see that says Made-In-The-USA,” says Dunlap. “But many of the components that go into these products are actually made overseas. The thing that sets this collection apart is that we’ve gone to great lengths to actually build every trim, every…Continue Reading