There are some great options in the food cooling market. A household name around the world, Igloo manufactures their world famous ice chests in Waller County, Texas. A 1.4 million square foot facility that serves as their global corporate headquarters, as well as their warehouse, distribution and manufacturing facility. The 50 quart MaxCold rolling cooler we are reviewing is a perfect option for tailgates, road trips, camping or jaunts to the beach. Yup, I said jaunts. It keeps ice cold for several days, meaning that weekend trip won’t be spent looking for replacement bags of ice. By elevating the floor of the cooler, Igloo has kept the contact to the hot ground minimal, allowing for a colder temperature inside. We have had our Igloo to the beach to roll in sand, and in the back of our car for cross country road trips. Food and beverages stay cold, and no leaking…Continue Reading
Today’s interview is with Joe Hardin of Texas Timber. Joe and his father, Wayland, started Texas Timber back in 1998 and have made a niche for themselves in the custom wood bat market. It’s a great story, keep on reading!   Can you give 50 BUILT readers some background on yourselves and how Texas Timber came to be? Sure. I’ll start with my dad, Wayland; he grew up in a small farming community and has always approached life by letting hard work speak for itself. He is one of those guys that can implement anything – from woodworking, to welding, to mechanics– he still amazes me with what he is able to do. He is also the type of guy that if it you can get by on a task with 2 nails, he is going to use at least 4 nails to make it solid. We joke as a…Continue Reading