Drs. Foster & Smith is the largest pet supply cataloger in the USA with a workforce of over 600. If your pet needs it, they have it. Today we are reviewing their Quilted Super Deluxe Orthopedic Dog Bed. It is on the pricey side, but after going through two cheaper ‘Costco’ beds we wanted to try something higher quality. We have family that had one for their Boxer and had nothing but good things to say about the wear and tear. In most cases when you spend the extra money, it will be the last time you will need to buy that item. Starting at $75 for the small, you have options all the way up to the X-Large for $150. The bed I’m reviewing is almost 1.5 years old and has been through dozens of wash cycles. Besides a little fading of the paisley print, the bed has virtually no…Continue Reading
In a market where it’s virtually impossible to find a product made in the USA, Flint and Tinder is trying to make it an option again. With cotton sourced from California, elastic bands from Florida and packaging products from around the country, it’s a worthy effort to the Made in America movement. They are making an effort to increase the 1% of men’s undergarments that are made in the USA, and have recently had a successful Kickstarter campaign raising over $290,000 of their initial $30,000 goal. Their short history and Kickstarter success shows the US market is ready to support American Made. The above video is from Flint & Tinder’s Kickstarter campaign. flintandtinderusa.com