Today’s product review is on Field Notes. If you ever find yourself in need of a pocket sized memo-book, look no further. Co-produced by Coudal and Draplin, these are well designed and useful for any human, young or old, tall or small.

Field Notes are made with quality materials, printed in the USA, and have an assortment of colors/themes that sets the mood for every occasion; and if there isn’t an occasion make one up and buy them anyways. So far I’ve ‘tested’ the State Fair series, National Crop series, the recent baseball series and several standard issue kraft brown gems.


Memo-book comes in the options of Plain, Ruled or Grid, white paper, and all have a sturdy card stock cover. The interior 48 pages are thick enough to write in pen, without it bleeding through and the grid lines are visible but not overbearing.┬áThe insides of the covers are full of general knowledge as it relates to each theme. Put it this way, if your friend calls you as a lifeline on the show Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and asks you the state bird of Idaho, you’ll be glad that you own the entire collection of Field Notes. Lifesavers.


If you’re a super scribe, you can sign up for a subscription to keep the goods coming in the mail, or just check in as needed. They have you covered for your writing utensils as well, so no excuses.

A pocket sized book that packs a lot of info and memories; and best of all, made in the USA.


Be sure to stop by to watch some of their Films. Lots of great background info and rants on the inspiration for the Field Notes concept.