Karsten Manufacturing, better known as PING, is the only major American made golf club manufacturer. To this day, they still are casting past iron models and manufacturing their steel shafts in the USA. Many of their new models have been outsourced overseas, but production continues in the states on past models. No companies forge their clubs in the USA anymore due to EPA regulations. The process is amazing, and the fact that they have hung on for so long speaks to their desired commitment to Made In the USA. Hopefully, with some help from external forces, PING can bring all of their irons back to being manufactured domestically.

If you’re in the market for a new set of irons, look at their G5 range, and some of the G10s, as they were still being produced in America and are still being sold at retailers.

This factory tour is of the assembly of their clubs only. All casting and molds are done at an offsite facility in Arizona.


Cost: FREE
Reservations: Required. 602-687-5385 Space is limited, no children under 9 years old are permitted.
Tour Duration: 1 hour (plus custom fitting)
Factory hours: T, W, TH at 9:00AM (Closed on holidays)
P.O.Box 82000
Phoenix, Arizona 85071