This was a great example of how a simple google search for “American made ________” can yield priceless results. I was in need of a new grill brush, and unfortunately the market is flooded with cheap imports. I came across Brushtech and it’s been a godsend for multiple items that are scarcely made in the USA. If you need anything from a golf brush, to bathroom brushes, to automotive brushes to grill brushes, Brushtech has you covered and then some. Not only will they have a brush for your need, but they have dozens of options for each, usually with a competitive price compared to the imports, or in some cases they even cost less!

Today we are reviewing their top of the line “Long Lasting BBQ Brush.” The BBQ brushes range from $3.99 to $16.99 depending on your need and size. The first time I used this brush the grill was heavily caked and needed a good cleaning. The stiff wires tore right through the grime without much effort. The handle did not flex or bend, so there wasn’t any energy wasted. My old cheap imported brush, that came with the grill, would constantly shed its wires if any force was exerted upon it. Not the Brushtech brush. I was always needing to flip the old brush over to use the flat metal side as a scraper. At first I thought I might miss that feature, but the Brushtech was stiff enough to take care of the hard stuff that the old wires couldn’t.

For good measure I also bought the Brushtech golf brush that can attach to your bag for $4.99. If you’re like me, and I know you are, then your club’s grooves are filled with dirt and grass from the last shank you hit from the rough. No worries though, the Brushtech golf brush will get you all cleaned up so you can have all the spin and grip your clubs were designed to have. You’re welcome, Phil.