Pyrex is a name which is ubiquitous throughout 70% of the households in the United States. This is a gerenal review of their glassware range that’s made in the USA. The weighted feel, thick glass, and size options make them the perfect choice for almost any need. They are far and away my favorite cooking pieces and are the epitome of quality. I’ve been using several different Pyrex models for over a decade and have yet to break one. They have taken multiple drops and clanks against the oven, and not a chip to be seen. Also, when compared to other manufacturers, the plastic Pyrex lids hold up longer. The lids for those decade-old dishes show no signs of wear and still maintain as good of a seal as the day I bought them.

Pyrex is affordable, easy to use, durable, and since 1915, Pyrex has been manufactured in the United States. In the 1940s they opened a manufacturing plant in Pennsylvania, which is still in use today making Pyrex for the newest generation. They maintain the quality and standards of the original Pyrex made all those years ago.

Pyrex currently employs more than 700 employees in Pennsylvania in two factories.  They employ roughly 2,500 US workers combined in their manufacturing and distribution facilities.

The wife of a scientist, working at Corning Glass Works, had mentioned to her husband that she was frustrated with her ‘unreliable’ casserole dish. She told him that she knew how durable railroad signal lantern glass was, with which her husband happened to be working, and Pyrex was born.

Pyrex has been a mainstay in cooking glass for generations. Their commitment to quality and American manufacturing are essential elements in their continued success!