The Adjustable Clamp Company has been around since 1905 and hold many of the original patents on their various clamps. They are the makers of the Jorgensen and Pony clamp lines and tools. Today we are reviewing the 3724 24″ steel heavy duty and the 3712 steel light duty Jorgensen Bar clamps. When I was faced with the decision of a cheap (but MORE expensive) plastic imported clamp or the steel heavy duty Jorgensen clamp made in Chicago, the choice was obvious. I had used both in the past, and always preferred the steel option when available. They come with rubber edges, so if you’re clamping down a piece of delicate wood, it will not damage the grain. Both sizes I purchased have easy access to the adjustment and release lever and, when not covered in wood glue, the bars slide easily. Nice rounded wooden handles make the tightening and…Continue Reading
Bike builder and designer, Garry Alderman, is behind the Chicago-based Method Bicycles. Specializing in custom steel framed bikes for everyone from racers to weekend riders. If you’re in the market for unique one of a kind bike built for you specifically, you can only get it from companies like Method. Every bike takes into consideration sizing needs, component needs and riding preferences. (VIA TYLER GOURLEY)