Handmade saddle leather cases, crafted by professionals and paid a fair wage. It doesn’t seem too much to ask does it, to offer a quality good, made by a specialty craftsman, who in turn earns a fair wage? In today’s world this seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Enter Skytop Trading Co., makers of the absolute finest leather cases, created by industry artisans, trained by masters, and are paid a living wage to do so.

The cases that Skytop Trading Company produce are bar-none, the most beautiful leather goods you will ever set your eyes upon. Crafted in the tradition of quality, and pieced together with pride and knowledge that delivers a guarantee that is quintessentially American. They know their products are the benchmark for the industry because they use the highest quality components, sourced from experts who value excellence, and are pridefully made under the guidance and direction of the finest craftsmen.

George Barker is the founder of Skytop Trading and he has a genuine care for his products, his employees, the customers who purchase his products and the country in which he chooses to manufacture his cases, the USA.

Stay tuned for an interview with George in the future. We are looking forward to sitting down and learning more about his experiences.