Teknor Apex has a reputation as an industry leader and environmentaly responsible manufacturer of quality garden hoses. Their Eco-Smart TM and Family Safe TM line of hoses comply with the Consumer Product Safety and Improvement Act. Their hoses are lead and phtalate free and drinking water safe. Teknor Apex’s goal has been to manufacture high quality garden hoses. They have listened to consumers’ needs and designed their line of hoses to meet those needs. In particular, the Neverkink R self-straightening garden hose. Teknor Apex guarantees their technology to eliminate kinks, twists and tangles. Teknor Apex hoses can be found in many locations across the US and Canada. The “Kink Control hose with Triple Frame Technology at a 60 ft length, 5/8” diameter comes with a 7 year warranty, retails for under $20 and Made in the USA. Website: www.teknorapex.com