I’ve been traveling a lot this year. There always seems to be someplace to where I am rushing off or a plane to catch.  It’s been a fast year, but certainly agreeable! On my ‘must-not-leave-home-without’ list is my backpack. For travel, I prefer a simple, no-nonsense, pack that is easy to pack, and unpack. Not a lot of extra pockets and caverns for things to be misplaced in. Just a good quality pack.


Buck Products have added just the right creation for their 2014 collection called the FlapSack.  It’s a simple ‘daily hauler’ that is easy to get in and out of, has a handy flap-pocket that is the perfect spot to carry one’s boarding pass or any other must-get-to-easily items (for me – chapstick, pens, and itinerary), and is otherwise utilitarian and functional. Especially for travel, simple is good. I can see this bag being perfect for the bicycle commuter, as it’s remarkably comfortable and lightweight.


On the inside, it’s one big open space. It does have three pockets stitched to the top of the back where I found it convenient to store my ‘book.’ My book is my calendar- my life. It fit perfectly into the bigger of the tree pockets.  The other two pockets I put business cards as well as some hand wipes (another must-not-travel-without item). I had plenty of room in the large, open space for my computer, reading material (a large hardbound book – so what if I’m old fashioned?), my crochet project, hat, and on the way home, two pounds of See’s Candy. That’s rather impressive for such an unassuming FlapSack.


The flap on the FlapSack closes multiple ways. I’ll tell you that I was informed of two of them and discovered a few new ones on my own. The one that seemed to work best for me was tying the strap to the cinch string and letting the flap hang over the closed cinch. However, if I were using this bag in a different capacity, say bicycle commuting, I would want the strap to hold down the flap (this is one of the ways of which I was informed). I appreciate the versatility of the FlapSack. It makes it a great backpack to be used in a variety of ways.


What makes this backpack even more remarkable is that it retails for $80.  It’s well made, durable and 100% manufactured in the USA!  Bozeman, MT to be specific. What are they doing in Montana to have so many wonderful things made there nowadays?!!  Way to go, Montanans!  Keep up the amazing work!