Today’s interview is with Dave Schiff, partner & chief creative officer of Made Movement, a two part initiative for promoting American-made.   Can you give 50 built readers some background on yourselves and the events that lead up to starting made? Scott, john and i were all running large departments at crispin porter and bogusky. Scott was director of digital, john was director of design, and i was executive creative director. Scott was one of the guys who invented nike plus. John helped turn around dominos. I launched coke zero. We loved our jobs and we were generously compensated, but something was missing. We needed a mission.   What was the catalyst for starting made? The catalyst was actually a single statistic: if americans buy just 1 percent more stuff made in america, it will create 200,000 jobs. For three guys who’ve spent their entire careers convincing people to buy things,…Continue Reading
There is not much left to review after watching the video above and reading the details from Best Made Co.’s website. It’s American innovation in a small ring-size package. It’s been around since 1904 and the shear simplicity has kept it relevant in our 2012 world. Manufactured in Upper Sandusky, Ohio for over a century. From Best Made Co.’s website: • Patented in 1912 • Aluminum ring, steel blade • Titanium Nitride coating on the blade for extended sharpness • comes in a three pack (sizing below) “James Caldwell ran a railway mail route from Pittsburgh to Chicago. On the bucking train he watched over his cargo with a sidearm and ofttimes worked a knife to open twine wrapped bundles of mail. This job was a juggling act and so Caldwell invented the Handy Twine Knife: a highly useful cutting tool worn around the finger (any finger) thus freeing up the…Continue Reading