Brief History: The American Whistle Corporation is located in Columbus, Ohio and is the only metal whistle company made in the USA. Founded in 1956 as Colsoff Manufacturing, American Whistle has been operated by the current owner since 1987. The Tour: I had set up a tour appointment with American Whistle employee, Amber Roberston, and she was nice enough to take the time to show me the facilities and explain the process they use to manufacture their over 1 million whistles every year. Amber talked me through the company‚Äôs history, how the whistles are made, what they offer and their niche in the overall whistle market. Amber is the newest member of the 9 person workforce at American Whistle, and she has been there for over 5 years! The rest of the crew measure their tenure in decades, not years, a true testament to a great company. Perhaps the most…Continue Reading
If I was a risk taker and had to trust my life to a strand of rope, then nothing would be more important than safety and a long history of quality and top-notch manufacturing. You get these things with Blue Water Ropes of Georgia, and with it comes the knowledge of 7 generations of textile experience. From Blue Water’s website: BlueWater traces its roots to a family-owned textile business that began manufacturing in Georgia in 1890 . Our modern history began in 1969 when we manufactured the first American-made kernmantle caving rope. After Seven (yes Seven !) consecutive generations in textile manufacturing BlueWater is THE standard in quality and durability. In 1975 we introduced the first synthetic low elongation rope for fire and industrial high-rise rescue. Synthetic nylon fiber was a radical departure from the norm of one inch manila ropes that were in use. Our UL Classified NFPA 1983/2012…Continue Reading