Today we are talking with Tony Patella of Tellason. Tellason is a premium denim company founded by Tony Patella & Pete Searson in San Francisco, CA.   What was the catalyst for starting Tellason? Pete and I had been in the apparel industry for twenty years each in various forms — sales agents, sales directors and in my case, also as a partner in a San Francisco-based denim brand in the 1990s.  It really came down to our shared passion for denim and durable goods and our desire to do something of our own. We are a two-person operation. We have interns on occasion, but all of the design, distribution, customer service and sales management is handled by the two of us.  Our studio is in Sausalito, California and the factory that makes our products is right across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The factory makes products for several…Continue Reading
Anchor Brewing Company has a great sense of history with an eye on the future and what it means to be an American brewer. Founded in 1896, Anchor Steam came about during the gold rush and hung around until 1965, when it was in danger of shutting down. Frederick Louis Maytag III, of the Maytag family, bought brewery in 1965 an has since created a leader in the U.S. micro-brewery industry. In 2010 Anchor was sold again, but remain committed to Anchor’s quality crafted beer. There are around 10 beers in the Anchor line, 6 of which are brewed year around. After you’ve tried their namesake Anchor Steam brew, check out the Liberty Ale appropriately named since it was first brewed to celebrate the bicentennial of Paul Revere’s historic ride. Cheers. The above video is from ReasonTV‘s YouTube feed and features Anchor’s longtime owner, Fritz Maytag. Mr. Maytag is an American icon and shows…Continue Reading