When my friends and family travel, they bring me back socks. Not really sure how this got started, but I love it.  I’ve sort of developed a collection of funky and fun socks from all over the place- the funkier the better! Argoz is a company out of San Francisco, California who has perfected the art of argyle! This forward-thinking company has a plethora of wonderful colors that can be dressed up or down.


I wore these socks around town and around the house to see how they fit and how they wore. They fit rather snugly up the ankle and/or calf, which is nice because they don’t fall down. I believe I was sent the ‘regular’ size, which is perfect for me (I am rather petite), but for kicks we had my husband try them on to see what the sizing was and they were too small. He would have needed a ‘large or XL’ to fit him properly. I liked the way they looked on him. They wear really well. They’re an excellent all-day sock choice. They won’t stretch out and become bunched up at the ankle like some other socks I own have a tendency to do.

Argoz socks’ Classic Line is designed in San Francisco and manufactured in North Carolina with US grown, combed and spun cotton. They are a really good quality cotton/nylon/spandex blend that makes them easy to wash and dry and keep their shape during the washing and drying process. I was also impressed with how well the colors held up after washing and drying multiple times.


This company is one of the few who have actually listened to their customers wanting USA-made products and have resolved to re-shore manufacturing of their Classic Line of socks. They have started with just a few limited edition colors made in the USA and have plans to expand it to the entire Classic line in the near future.

Well done, Argoz! Thanks for bringing some of your manufacturing back to the USA!  It’s very much appreciated.