As a general rule, I’m not a jewelry person. I have a few pieces that I wear every day (like wedding rings and sentimental earrings), and I have some pieces that were handed down to me; but rarely do I buy jewelry or find something that I can love and will choose to wear like my treasured few items.

Tinsel and Timber has created amazing handmade jewelry pieces. These clever people have taken beautiful wood and made them into letters, shapes of the States, and a couple designer pieces that are gorgeous. None of which were cut with lasers; they’re hand crafted!  These certainly fit into my criteria for ‘everyday’ jewelry.  They have the potential to make that dress just a little more feminine, or to dress up that plain white tee.


I have the Stars Necklace in Rosewood on a 20” sterling silver bead chain.  It has two sterling sliver ‘stars’ inlaid into the wood circle that make this piece really special.  It looks dressy, but not overly dressy, so it can be worn with anything! It’s really stunning. Best part: this necklace is handmade in the USA. This versatile go-to piece retails for $84 USD.  And can be found on Tinsel and Timber’s website.

I’m so excited to have been introduced to Tinsel and Timber. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. When they have earrings to match this amazing necklace, they will be on my birthday wish list, for sure!

Keep up the amazing work, T&T.