The point of having windows in your home is to let light in, and to provide a view of the outdoors. You can have a beautiful view, but still experience negative side effects such as glare and the sun shining through fading of not only furniture but artwork and hardwood floors. But there is a solution: Vista window film! Because of state-of –the-art R&D, Vista Window film provides 99.9% protection from UVA and UVB rays with UV absorbers built into the film. As a result adding Vista window film will help keeping consistent indoor temperatures for reduced energy costs. Vista window film has safe and proven solar properties that can help towards LEED certification of buildings.

Vista’s superior adhesive system chemically bonds for longer lasting performance. The proprietary formula of Vista window film helps to make it more durable and easy to maintain, allowing it to stand up to abrasions and cleaning. In addition you will not experience any view distortions due to their use of “Ultra Clear” polyester.

Carefully selected, trained and certified dealers only install Vista window film. In addition to all these benefits, Vista window films come with one of the best window film industry warranties. The film is protected against seal and film failure and thermal stress.

Vista window films is produced by Americans in Martinsville, Virginia using only American-made materials. The Vista line is a part of  the Solutia family.

We now have Vista window films and no one can tell.  The views are clear, no distortions and no more interior fading!