Today we’re talking with Dan Soha, the owner and founder of Argoz Socks.


Can you give 50 BUILT readers some background on yourself and the events that led up to starting Argoz?  And can you tell us about how you came up with the name Argoz?

It’s simple: I wanted awesome argyle socks and I couldn’t find them.  I bought over 100 pairs and all of them were poor quality and almost all of them were boring.  I contacted different manufacturers to see if anyone had high quality argyle socks in stock and I couldn’t find them.  The initial goal was to purchase socks that would go in my sock drawer, not to start a business.  When I saw how great the sock samples were, things got out of hand!  With my initial focus on argyle socks, it was only naturally that I go with a short simple name like “Argoz.”


What has the road been like sourcing American made materials for your products?

The reality is that I’ve only ever had one goal and that is to make the highest quality socks.  We’ve searched all over the world to find great manufacturers and at some point we decided to recreate our original style in a more durable feel.  When looking towards high quality and durability, American made was the obvious choice.  Finding a good manufacturer is never easy – we’ve seen more than I care to count.  USA was no different.  It took a year, but we eventually found a great source of yarn, an embroiderer and a manufacturer.


How has your experience been working with American factories and mills?

Manufacturing any product comes with hurdles, but working with American factories where we have the same holidays, time zones and speak the same language makes it that much easier.  When working with other countries, there can always be a little uncertainty dealing with customs and language barriers, but with American factories, that’s not a problem.


We are of the mindset that a great pair of socks can make or break an ensemble.  What is it about Argoz that makes them a great ensemble-making pair of socks?

There are quite a few sock brands out there, but for me Argoz is unique for two major reasons.  The first reason is that the quality of our socks is extraordinary.  I can’t sell a product I’m not proud of and I wouldn’t be proud if there were other companies making better socks.  Whether it be our durable classic style or our fitted merino wool socks, they are all extremely high quality.  The second reason is that Argoz socks are not “novelty socks.”  We don’t design Argoz socks to be funny or something that you can only wear casually.  Argoz are bold, can be worn in any occasion and are for the type of person that is unafraid to standout.  We take classic patterns, like argyle, and give them a fresh new twist.


Why is it so important for Argoz to market the fact that they are ‘American Made?’

When I say “American Made”, what I’m really saying is that they are high quality and durable and I feel that that’s what customers expect when they hear “American Made.”


If you could tell our readers one factor that is the greatest threat or advantage to keeping things made in America, and allowing companies like Argoz to succeed, what would it be?

There is no doubt that manufacturing in America is expensive. But we do so because a high-quality durable American made sock is what customers are looking for and I would be uncomfortable not making them.  With manufacturing costs being a major threat, it’s essential that when people look at purchasing an American made product, they appreciate it for what it is: high quality and very durable.  For other brands, you can expect to pay more for American made.


Do you have any final thoughts that you’d like to leave with our readers?

Small American companies like Argoz are starting to bring production back to our shores, to not only meet the growing demand for made in America products but to produce high quality items. Argoz is taking the steps toward supporting the U.S. economy and helping other small businesses in the process.

Thanks so much, Dan for taking the time to talk to us today.  We appreciate your story and your perspective!  Best of luck to you and keep up the good work!