I love mason jars.  No kidding.  It sounds strange, but they’re so beautifully simple – and versatile.  I put serving utensils in them, I use them as cups, and I have so often thought to myself, “I wish I could take this ‘to-go.’”  Cuppow, the geniuses that they are, have made it possible for me to take my mason-jar-contained beverage on the road!  AND their brilliant roadie lids are made in the USA!

If you’re like me, you have mason jars coming out the wazoo.  My poor husband.  They’re everywhere.  I have wide-mouthed ones, regular mouthed jars, teeny tiny jars, and how!  Cuppow has a roadie lid for both regular and wide-mouthed jars, so no matter what size the jar, a Cuppow lid will fit.  I have been using a quart-sized wide-mouthed jar as my go-to afternoon iced tea or water receptacle.  The wide-mouthed Cuppow lid is perfection!  All you do is put the Cuppow lid on the top of your mason jar and screw on the tightening ring.  It’s leak free, easy drinking.

Cuppow 5

Their newest product is called BNTO (a take on Bento – as in Bento Box), a cup that sits just inside the top of a large, wide-mouthed mason jar.  It’s perfect to put yogurt or salad in the bottom, slip the BNTO in the top filled with granola or salad dressing, put the sealing lid on and then screw on the tightening ring.  It’s genius.  It makes mason jars even that much more versatile!

This amazing contraption is BPA-ree, dishwasher safe, and with a little TLC will serve you for YEARS to come.

It’s so simple.  So logical.  So functional.  And made in the USA!!  Nice work, Cuppow!!