I can be a little bit overly organized at times. One of the things that I love are pocket (or purse) –sized notebooks in which I can make my shopping lists, remember things I’d otherwise forget, or jot down a book I’d like to read. I have used lots of these little books and have liked some and hated others, but this one I love and WORD’s the word!


Brought to you by Cool Material, Word. notebooks are 3.5”x5” notebooks with 48 lined pages. There is a space at the top of each page that can be titled and down the left side of each line is what looks like a little bulls-eye. On the inside of the front cover is a key of how they suggest you use the little bulls-eye for organizing tasks, ideas and thoughts. It’s pretty cool. Or, of course, you can make up your own way to use it. At first when I saw the simple system I was skeptical that I would actually adopt it or use it at all. My thought was if I needed it, I would have been doing this all along. The thing is, I now do use the system because it’s there and would be silly not to. Sometimes you don’t realize you need something until it’s provided for you to use. Word’s layout is simple and intuitive, making it easy to adopt.


One thing to note about me is that I’m relatively hard on things that live in my purse.  They take a good beating. My Word. notebooks have held up nicely. They look like they’re loved, for sure, but the cover is still in tact and not bent. I love that. I am super happy with the purpose they have served, and see myself developing a system that will make me a loyal customer.


They’re sold in 3-packs for $9.99.  So you get three of these nifty little notebooks and you have 6 cover colors from which you can choose.  AND, of course, they’re Made in the USA!  Perfectly sized, a variety of colors, and made in the USA?  What more could you ask for?

Way to go, Word.!