So now that you know that I love mason jars, and you may or may not know that I obsessively use them as beverage receptacles, I must share with you a noticeable problem with this set up and a rather ingenious solution.

Mason jars, being glass, sweat.  When your desired drink on the inside requires ice, condensation forms on the outside of the container and drips all over the place creating a ginormous watery puddle (especially if said mason jar is the quart-sized one filled with ice and iced tea).  I took to carrying around a small towel and setting my jar on it, but it would drip all over my lap when I picked it up to drink out of it.  It was very sad.

I also tried to make tea in my mason jar.  The hot kind.  Clearly I have a tea problem.  But the jar got so hot that I couldn’t hold it.  Which is fine if you want to wait a bit for it to cool down, but patience is not a virtue with which I have been graced.

Enter FREAKER USA!  This is a sweater for your mason jar, beer bottle, 2-litre Squirt bottle, baby bottle, stainless steel water bottle, wine bottle, or coke can!  Its stretchy cloth that literally fits on pretty much every bottle or container I put it on!  It’s the PERFECT solution to my mason jar sweating conundrum.  It sops up the mason jar sweat and it also makes it easy to hold hot tea!  It is a super fun way to present a wine bottle as a hostess gift.


If you get a little dirt or dinner-making ingredients on your Freaker, it’s okay.  Just pop it in the washing machine!  AND it helps insulate the contents of the container so that it stays hot or cool for longer!  Are you kidding?  Could this thing be any more awesome?

Check out their site and take a look at all the super awesome Freaker styles.  This company also has an amazing sense of humor.  They’re terribly fun to work with.

Best Freaker feature?  It’s made in the USA!  They are really keen on keeping jobs and manufacturing in the USA and they really have a fantastic product on their hands.  No kidding!  I use mine every single day.

Keep up the amazing work, Freakers!