Baseball is a game of tradition. It’s an American pastime that deserves respect. It’s a beautiful game in all aspects from strategy to the equipment used. Every kid growing up needs a ball and glove, but they want a bat. Today we’re reviewing a bat by Warstic, that any kid would dream of having and any professional would be delighted to use. This Texas based company makes their bats from American White Ash with straight grains, Rock Hard Sugar Maple or Dense Yellow Birch, all designed for ultimate performance.


The model we have used, and have drooled over, is the Whiskeyville Maple, Pro Designer series. It retails for $129 and comes with a full dip vintage black with a warrior flame Wartip®, and off-white engraving, including a free engraving of the player’s name. Sizes range from 31-35″ and bats take 7-12 business days to ship, since each one is made to order.


First impressions of Warstic comes before you ever lay your eyes on the actual bat. They come packed in a black bat bag, with the signature Warstic ‘Warstripes’ printed in white. It’s these small details that speak volumes about the care and pride that is put into every bat. Pulling the bat out of the bag only deepens this respect to detail. The finish is flawless, from the deep black paint dip, to the beautiful wood grain. From a design perspective it’s an A+. It’s the kind of product you wish you ordered two of, one to use and the other to hang on the wall. It’s art.

After I stopped gawking over the aesthetics, it was onto the feel and weight of the bat. I’m a huge baseball fan, have played the game on-and-off all my life, but am an amateur at best. I can still appreciate a well balanced bat that feels good in my hands. I compared the feel to other bats I own and have used, and the size of the handle and the weight of the barrel are balanced and inspire confidence. I took to the field to christen the bat at a real baseball field, with real grass and a real leather ball; just the way the game should be.


Granted, no one was trying to strike me out, and I sure as hell wasn’t trying to swing for the fences, but the bat felt great. The ball shot off the barrel and had the sound only found in a quality wooden bat. I’m sure the professional features of straight grains and quality wood will only shine brighter when placed in the hands of a real ball player. For me, the bat is more than enough, and makes me want to visit the diamond again real soon.

If you’re in the market for a wooden bat, you need to take a look at Warstic. The amount of choices from sizes, wood quality, colors and models provide an option for everyone and any budget. Best of all they are all made in the USA. Any respectable baseball company knows that’s not even an option.