The lighting industry has all but disappeared. Options are slim, and innovative new companies are even more rare. In 2006 Jason Christiansen started Rigid Industries. Rigid Industries is an industry leader in rugged LED Lighting.  They service off-road, fishing, fire & rescue, as well as military fields and are constantly pushing the envelope as far as what to focus on next.  Holding it down in Gilbert, Arizona with 200 employees, they’re making their mark and doing their part designing, engineering and assembling their line in the USA. We couldn’t be more excited about their products and also what they’re doing! Check out their website and they’re up to!
Handmade saddle leather cases, crafted by professionals and paid a fair wage. It doesn’t seem too much to ask does it, to offer a quality good, made by a specialty craftsman, who in turn earns a fair wage? In today’s world this seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Enter Skytop Trading Co., makers of the absolute finest leather cases, created by industry artisans, trained by masters, and are paid a living wage to do so. The cases that Skytop Trading Company produce are bar-none, the most beautiful leather goods you will ever set your eyes upon. Crafted in the tradition of quality, and pieced together with pride and knowledge that delivers a guarantee that is quintessentially American. They know their products are the benchmark for the industry because they use the highest quality components, sourced from experts who value excellence, and are pridefully made under the guidance and…Continue Reading
Check out the new video and movement put together by Alex and Ana Bogusky. The two are actively involved in the American-made scene with the Made Movement and Mrs. American Made respectively. Check out the interview 50 BUILT did with the Made Movement last year here.
If you’re looking for a backpack that is smart, functional, and well thought out, then Tom Bihn’s is the backpack for you. Not only is it 100% made in the USA, it’s a bag that makes other backpacks I’ve used seem under-thought out and bulky, without reason. Today we are reviewing the Smart Alec, a modular bag with 13 webbing loops on the front of the Smart Alec and an included removable reflective bungee. Tom Bihn has created a backpack that is modular so you can pick from lots of different inserts and add-ons that make the backpack suit your needs exactly. Each accessory snaps into the webbing loops to build your own unique set-up. I took this bag while I traveled, loaded with my work-items. I took my MacBook with me and the case for the computer was pretty cool. Tom Bihn has dubbed it the “Vertical Brain Cell.” …Continue Reading
Since we featrued Tellason a couple weeks ago and their premium denim, I wanted to repost this factory tour of Cone Denim. One of the gems we have in the USA. So much history… Few institutions garner the respect of their industry the way Cone Denim has. In the textile industry since 1895, they are a world leader in manufacturing corduroy, flannel, and most notably, denim. Denim aficionados around the world know what it means to have a pair of jeans manufactured out of selvage Cone denim. Cone’s White Oak Cotton Factory was built in 1905, and by 1908 became the world’s number one producer of denim. Like most manufacturing plants, a community was built around the mill it has remained a staple of White Oak and the Greensboro, NC area. The coveted premium selvage denim manufactured today uses some of the same equipment from over 100 years ago and…Continue Reading