Have you heard of Skookum Dog?  Our friends at Tom Bihn have created a line of amazing dog paraphernalia that is not only comely and durable, but made in the USA!

We got the Camp Mat in Large. This amazingly simple mat fits perfect in the back of the car and is super easy to take with us when we are on the go. Our pup has made the Camp Mat her bed when we bring it in the house, take her camping or take it with us on the road. The plush sherpa side is comfortable and warm for those cold car rides (in winter, that is) and the ballistic side is cool and durable for the summer. We have been using this wonderful mat for several months now and it still looks brand new. We have yet to wash it or feel the need to wash it. It’s really quite wonderful.


We also have The Road Duffel in Large. What a GREAT bag! We take our dog with us on car rides or on trips whenever we can. This bag has been such a go-to pack-bag, and makes packing for her so much easier. Everything has a place to live in the Road Duffel, and all the pockets act as a reminder for the things we need to pack. It has ample space for her food, brush, toenail clippers, ear cleaning pads, toys, blanket (yes, she has her own blanket), her life vest (for swimming), her water toys, and there’s room to spare. We also were able to strap the Camp Mat on the front for easy carrying from place to place. For those times Wrigs can’t make the voyage with us, it serves perfectly as her “sleep-over” bag. It’s super well made and after months of use, its still looks new. Very impressive, and leaves little to be desired. (Don’t tell Skookum, but we use it for our human duffle needs as well)

Wrigley, our furbaby, loves her Bat Dog Toy.  What an idea, a (squeaky) Bat!  It is a lot of fun because when you throw it, it looks like its flying across the room, reminding us of The Great Outdoors, with John Candy, and the scene where they have to get the bat our of the cabin. Only we want to keep this bat in the house. Wrigley loves the squeaker and squeaks it with her nose when she needs our attention, because she is so attention-deprived. We named this toy Batty, and she knows it by name. It is very well made and has withstood the test of time with our mouthy pup exceedingly well.

If you have dogs and need well made gear, Skookum Dog is the brand for you.  For the quality of the product, these items are very reasonably priced. Throw into the mix that they are all made in the USA, will work for all your dog’s needs, and last a lifetime (maybe not the bat, ha)… then I feel like you’re getting a great deal!

Thank you, Skookum Dog, for allowing us to review these products. You have really outdone yourselves. Keep up the excellent work!